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Are any of the charger foot prints compatible with other chargers?

Footprints are not compatible with different charger models and sizes. The only exception is the MK212PC, MK318PC, MK220PC and MK330PC have compatible footprints.

Are Minn Kota On-board Precision Chargers tested and approved for use with all Odyssey Marine batteries?

Yes.  All Minn Kota On-board Precision Chargers have been tested by Odyssey and found to properly charge all sizes of their marine battery line.

Are the chargers serviceable?

There are no serviceable components inside the charger.

Are the foot pedals for new Ulterra trolling motor models and previous models interchangeable?

Yes, all Ulterra trolling motor foot pedals are interchangeable.

Are the Minn Kota battery chargers waterproof?

Yes, the battery chargers are waterproof, however, they should not be operated while immersed.
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