Talon Down During Duck Season

Talon Down During Duck Season

by Minn Kota Pro Staff Manager, Tim Price

Talon Down on Ducks

Duck boats are getting more tricked out each year, with higher horse power, mud motors, blinds, LED internal and external spot lights…the list goes on. Waterfowl hunters are always looking for an edge. One of the best things I have installed in the last few years on my duck boat is a Minn Kota 8' Talon. I find more uses for the Talon each time I’m out - it’s proving to be a valuable tool. The biggest benefits for me have been while setting out or picking up decoys and holding the boat secure in my blind location. Scouting the areas ducks or geese want to land is critical, but most of the times it's not ideal conditions to conceal your boat. The Talon gives me the ability to keep my boat secure in even the smallest cover or in an area with current.

As the season goes on I like to use a big spread of decoys and the Talon is a huge help. Once I establish the exact spot in the cattails that will be the blind. I motor out, Talon down and throw a few of decoys in the exact spot I want. Trying to hunt when the wind is at my back or with a cross wind can be challenging – the boat blows around too much. Talon keeps the boat stationary, which is a huge help.

Once I get a few decoys out I will Talon up and drift out a few feet, then re-deploy the Talon and continue to throw out decoys. This really cuts down on the amount of time it takes to put out a big spread, or when placing motion decoys or "spinners". Again when it's windy I can Talon down in the exact spot I want to place these. The wireless remote makes this so simple to stow or deploy the Talon from anywhere in the boat.

The 8' Talon is only 41" long so on most boats it is almost even height with your outboard or mud motor. Another new feature of the Talon is the LED work light which can be used as interior lights shining inside your boat - no more fumbling around in the dark with a flashlight! With 3 levels of intensity I can light up the inside of the boat locating decoys and other gear quickly.

With the addition of the tilt bracket you can also fold the Talon down into the boat and under the blind if you need to. The installation is very simple, whether you use the sandwich mounting bracket or mount directly to your transom. Wiring is also simple. There are 2 wires that go directly to your 12-volt starting battery. This makes it easy to install your Talon on your fishing boat and then transfer the unit to your duck boat in the fall. The Talon Quick Disconnect Plug is another helpful option to facilitate this quick change over.

Another nice accessory is the 6" offset bracket for boats with floatation pods. This gets the Talon away from the boat and out of the way with pods.

The Minn Kota Talon is a very nice addition to your rig. On those big north wind migration days, it really saves a lot of time in the dark getting your spread exactly how you want it, and helps put more birds in the boat.

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